What is a computer?

What is a computer called in English

Computer What is called in english: In today’s post of Hindi Me Blog, I will tell you what do computers say in English

What is flowchart and how to create?

what is flowchart

Do you know what is Flowchart and how to use Flowchart Symbol? If you do not know, then there is no need to be disturbed. In today’s article, we will discuss about it.

Essay On Computer

Essay on computer

Therefore today it is important for everyone to have knowledge about computers. “Essay on computer” is the most favorite topic of teachers.

Types Of Storage Devices

Computer Storage Device

Many times you must have seen this question in a competitive examination, what are the types or types of computer storage devices?

What is Windows Registry

What is Windows Registry

Do you know what is this Windows registry? If you all use computer, then Windows will be installed in your computer. In such a situation, you must have heard the name of Registry. The registry is an important part of Windows.