Importance of Sanitization During Pandemic

What is a sanitizer?

Since sanitizer is an English word, many people do not know its meaning. You may not understand anything from this, the word sanitizer is derived from the word Sanitize, which means clean. To know this in simple terms, hand sanitizer is a means by which you can clean your hands.

Explain that while water is required to clean hands with soap, in the hand sanitizer, you can clean your hands without water. For this, you have to take a small amount of it in your hand and apply it well in your hands, so that you will be able to clean your hands without water.

Sanitizers also come in many types such as gel, foam or tissue, the number of brands that make them worldwide is more than 100, but the thing to note here is that the brand sanitizer has more than 60 percent Contains alcohol or liqueur. They prove to be more effective in cleaning the hands. In such a situation, if you are going to buy a sanitizer of a brand, check the amount of alcohol in it. Sanitization Company Kolkata.

How to use sanitizers?

using sanitizer is very easy, to use sanitizer you have to keep some drops of hand sanitizer in your palm. Now wash both hands thoroughly, after this, between the fingernail and the fingers, later you do not need to wash it with water because after 30 seconds it flies away.

Which sanitizer is better to fight this epidemic

Different brands of sanitizers are present in the market, in which the confusion remains in the people, which one should they buy. So tell you that it should be of any type but the amount of alcohol in it should be 60 percent. Usually, the remaining 40 percent of the sanitizer contains perfume, color, thickening factor and some inert ingredients added to the scent, but alcohol absorbs the moisture of the hands. In this case, moisturizer is added to keep the moisture in it.

Is Hand wash is the best option?

In the end, washing hands correctly is not a good choice. And along with it, reflexes are also necessary.

“We don’t have to wait for vaccines and medical science, these things can help ourselves and protect others,” World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Edholm Gebayius said at a press conference on February 28. . “

Why sanitization Is important?

By getting sanitization, viruses, kits and any bacteria spread in the environment around you, they die, which creates a clean and clean environment around you. In which you feel free and you can breathe freely in fresh and fresh air.

Sanitization and Pest Control go hands on hands

Pests are very difficult to control in India. You can’t do it by yourself. But to get rid of them it is better to call Pest control company in kolkata. Or you can also call Sanitization Company in Kolkata for Sanitization.

Importance of Sanitization During Pandemic

Hand sanitizers are being used as an essential household item in times of global epidemics such as the corona virus. Nowadays we do not forget to clean our hands with sanitizer everywhere. The demand for sanitizer has increased globally, today whether we are at home or outside, we do not forget to keep a bottle of sanitizer with us. Nowadays people keep bottles of sanitizer in their car as well, but do you know that even a slight lapse in the use of sanitizer can lead to an accident. You should take these precautions while using the sanitizer and Sanitization

  • When using sanitizer, make sure that there is no hot thing or fire in front of you. Avoid using sanitizer by standing in front of fire.
  • Harmful chemicals are found in many types of sanitizers, so always wash your hands after using it before eating.
  • When using sanitizer, keep hands away from eyes for some time.
  • The sanitizer contains alcohol which is quite flammable. It kills the germs in the hand, but due to exposure to hot matter, it can also catch terrible fire.
  • Excessive use of sanitizer can also be harmful. Washing hands with soap is a good option.
  • There is also a chemical called trichlosan in the sanitizer, which absorbs the skin of the hand. Excessive use of it can damage the muscles of the hand.
  • The sanitizer also contains a toxic element benzalkonium chloride, which reduces germs, but is also harmful to our skin. Excessive use may cause skin irritation and itching.
  • In the sanitizer, a chemical called phthalates is used for fragrance, its quantity is higher in some sanitizers. Highly scented sanitizers are harmful to the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system.
  • If you are smoking cigarette inside the car, avoid using sanitizer. Also avoid burning cigarette lighters while using sanitizer. Sanitizer contains alcohol, so it is instructed to keep it in a cool place.
  • If the sanitizer is placed inside the car, then make sure that it is not placed in front of the windshield. Do not place the sanitizer inside the car in a place where sunlight is falling directly on the sanitizer bottle.

Types of Sanitization

Although there are many types of sanitizers, but there are mainly two types of sanitizers, so let’s know which sanitizers are mainly available.

Non alcoholic sanitizer

It is a type of gel that contains a small amount of alcohol but is much smaller than normal, it is also used to cleanse the hands, although it is less effective and has a similar effect to soap. is.

Alcoholic sanitizer

It is an alcohol based sanitizer which is the best selling sanitizer in the market. It contains 60% to 70% alcohol, it is a very effective sanitizer which can kill all types of germs in a short time and its use. Is most commonly done.

Conclusion: – Hopefully, you must have understood very well that in what circumstances should we use Sanitizer and how to avoid this epidemic. If you have any kind of problem or question, then you can comment us below.

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