Top 10 Youtubers of India [April 2021]

Hello friends, today with the help of this article we will know who are the top 10 Youtubers of India? What is his real name? What is his YouTube channel name? How old are they Where do they live? And other information related to them. So let’s know about those 10 Youtubers who are famous in India and their videos are seen all over India. Although there are many Youtubers all over India, but today we will know 10 of them famous and biggest Youtubers. So let’s start.

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Carry Minati

Carry Minati is India’s largest youtuber, with 27.3 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. Carry Minati’s real name is Ajey Nagar, who is 21 (12 june 1999) years old and lives in Faridabaad, Haryana. Carry Minati took her Youtube journey at a very young age, so today Carry Minati has become such a big Youtuber. Carry Minati puts roast videos on her channel, which people like very much. Carry Minati is the biggest Youtuber as well as a Raper, and some of his Rap names are below. Such as: – Yalgaar, A Rupali etc.

 Ashish Chanchlani

 Ashish Chanchlani is the second largest Youtuber in India, with more than 22.5 million subscribers on the Youtube Channel. And his Youtube Channel is named Ashish Chanchlani. Ashish Chanchlani is 27 (8 Dec 1993) years old and lives in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra state. Ashish Chanchlani puts Vines on his youtube channel, which people like very much.

Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana has become India’s third most Youtuber. Amit Bhadana has more than 22 million subscribers on Youtube Channel. Amit Bhadana’s Youtube Channel is named Amit Bhadana. Amit Bhadana is 27 (7 September 1994) years old and lives in the capital city of India, but he was born in Johripur village of Delhi. He has completed his studies from University of Delhi. Amit Bhadana creates Desi Vines on his YouTube channel, and entertains the people. People also like their videos a lot.

Tecnical Guruji

Tecnical Guruji who has become the fourth largest youtuber in India. Which has more than 20.2 million subscribers above the Youtube channel. Tecnical Guruji whose real name is Gaurav Chaudhary, who is 29 (7 May 1991) years old and is from the state of Gujarat but now lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tecnical Guruji puts Tech-related information on its YouTube channel, first and foremost. Tecnical Guruji is number one in terms of Tech related information or Phone’s Unboxing. Gaurav Chaudhary, who was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan and studied at Kendriya Vidyalaya School, later moved to Dubai to pursue further studies.

BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines, which has been done now, India’s fifth largest Youtuber used to come at number one earlier but now it has come at number five. He has more than 19.8 million subscribers on Youtube Channel. The real name of BB Ki Vines is Bhuvan Bam, who is 26 (22 January 1994) years old and also lives in Delhi, the capital of India. They put Vines on their Youtube Channel, which are double meaning and people also like it very much. BB Ki Vines was the first YouTube channel in India to have 10 millon subscribers for the first time. Bhuvan is also a Singer from Bam Youtuber, he has sung a few songs. Such as: – Teri Meri Kahani, Sang Hoon Tere, Safar, Rahguzaar and Ajnabee.

Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari, who has more than 17.9 Million Subscribers on Youtube Channel, is at number six out of 10 famous Youtubers in India. Sandeep Maheshwari’s YouTube channel is also named Sandeep Maheshwari. Sandeep Maheshwari, who is 40 (28 September 1980) years old and lives in New Delhi, the capital of India. They make Motivational videos on their channel and put them. Which people see and like more and more. Sandeep Maheshwari is the best Motivator, who motivates people.


Round2hell is one of India’s famous Youtubers at number seven. Round2hell has more than 17.3 million Subscribers on the Youtube Channel. Round2hell has three owners, has built this channel of all three and together they run it. You will get to watch Comedy Videos on their channel, but if you use some abusive language in their videos, then you have to put the earphones in your ears before watching their videos. They use profanity but people like their videos very much.


One of the biggest Youtubers in India is FactTechz, which has 15.2 Million Subscribers on the Youtube Channel. The owner of FactTechz is Rajesh Kumar, who is around 25 years old. Rajesh Kumar, whose birth place is New Delhi and also resides in New Delhi. You will get to see Fact related information on this channel. People like to watch its videos, because people like to listen to facts. Due to which, they have also become one of the top Youtubers.

Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker

Dr. Vivek Bindra which is one of the top Youtubers in India. Whose Youtube Channel is named Dr. Vivek is Bindra: Motivational Speaker and has 14.5 Million Subscribers on his channel. He is a Motivational Speaker like Sandeep Maheshwari and also motivates people. He is about 37 years old and lives in the city of Delhi. They make Motivational videos on their channel and put them. Which people see and like more and more.

Emiway Bantai

Although there are many Rappers in India, one of the biggest Youtubers is Emiway Bantai. Which has 13.4 Million Subscribers on Youtube Channel. Emiway Bantai’s channel ranks first in terms of raps. Emiway Bantai’s channel itself runs Emiway Bantai and records and releases them on its Youtube Channel by writing its own rap. In recent times, people are enjoying Rap very much and their favorite number is increasing. So they are also likely to grow.

Conclusion: – Hopefully you must have understood that who are the top 10 Youtubers of India and what are their channel names? And information related to them. If you have any kind of problem or problem, then you can comment us below, or contact us by our email given.

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