What is flowchart and how to create?

Do you know what is Flowchart and how to use Flowchart Symbol? If you do not know, then there is no need to be disturbed. In today’s article, we will discuss about it.

Every day we get up at work as soon as we wake up in the morning. From the beginning to the completion of each work, some steps are followed. Every task is a problem for you and the solution to the problem is found by working.

To find a solution, we set a sequence. Let’s understand with an example, “You have to make tea”, then to complete this work, there is a need to follow some steps. like

First of all, put water in a vessel and heat it.

Add tea pati, sugar and milk to the water.

Wait till the tea boils.

Turn off the gas and sieve the tea.

Tea is ready, you can have it now.

You must have realized by this that we do all the work of daily life in this way. So these steps are called Algorithm in computer language.

Most of it is used in software and business industries. When the algorithm is created, these steps are then shown through Flowchart.

Which makes it easier for the programmer to understand the problem. Now without delay, know what is flowchart and how it is made. You will also learn how it has made your work easier.

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What is flowchart

Some of the symbols used in Flowchart are (Flowchart Symbols)

We will take an example to know how to use all signs.

Rules for making flowchart

advantages and disadvantages

What is flowchart?

lowchart is a tool created by Program Industry. Shows the steps used to solve a process or problem.

Nowadays everyone has a little knowledge about programming. Through programming, we can make software and a software helps to remove the problems of our life.

But everyone has difficulty in writing programming, so we use flowchart and Algorithm. Through flowchart, we can show any program to people through Symbols, which will be easy to understand.

We have to use some symbols to make a flowchart. Such as Square, Rectangle, Dimond, Oval, Arrow.

All signs have their own different significance or meaning. We cannot change the meaning of any symbol by ourselves. All signs are joined with an arrow. Through this arrow we get to know in which direction or flow order the flowchart is going. Now we should understand the meaning of different signs and know where it is used.

Some of the symbols used in Flowchart are (Flowchart Symbols)

Flowchart is a graphical image. Which shows the steps of a process. That is why you must know what these signs mean. And where to use them properly.

Start / End

This symbol is used to start and finish the flowchart. The words stop / end are used to start and finish to begin.

Flow Lines (Arrow)

We use this arrow to know in which direction or in which order the flowchart is going. When we take an example, you will easily understand.

Input / Output

We use this symbol for input and output. The output of the program is there and we show it using this symbol.

Just like we have to add two numbers, first of all we need to take the input of both the numbers. For this, after adding the Input Symbol, the Output symbol is used to show the addition.


We use this symbol to process the same data that we input. This sign is used when calculating something means when calculating something. Just like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing a number, this symbol is used only.

Decision (Dimond)

When a condition has to be shown, then we use this sign. The answer comes in the form of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or ‘0’ and ‘1’. For example, to find out whether a number is Positive or Negetive, we need to Comparision both Numbers.

EX- 4> 0 (Is it greater than 4?) The answer is one of “yes and no”. In this case Dimond Symbol is used.

We will take an example to know how to use all signs.

Rules for making flowchart

There are also some rules for making flowchart, using which we can easily make flowchart and we will also have easy understanding. There are some rules –

All the symbols that are used when creating a flowchart, all the symbols are added by the arrow, so that we know in which direction the flowchart is going.

All flowchart is a starting and ending point.

When we use some condition in flowchart, it has 2 exit point. Is upward, downward or side, which has 2 outputs – first right and second wrong.

Subroutines have their own Flowchart.

The end of each flowchart should be symbolic.

advantages and disadvantages

Just like every coin has two sides, in the same way flowchart also has two wheels – one is good and the other is boozing.


Through flowchart, we can understand programming easily because it can use symbols.

With the help of flowchart, we can know the error quickly and can also correct it.

Through flowchart, we can keep any program well and understand it.


When the flowchart will become very large and make it, if it takes more than one page

If it goes, it becomes mammuskil.

We have to use signs to make flowchart, due to which our time is not wasted.

If we have to make some changes in the flowchart, then we have to make the entire flowchart again, we cannot make changes between any flowchart.

There are some complex programs also, to make that program in Flowchart, we have to use many arrows, which we have difficulty in understanding.

what did you learn today?

It has been our Kosice to always give you complete information. This information is very important in Programming Field. In Mathematics and Computer Science, this question is asked that if you draw a flowchart, then this article will be helpful for you. You must have understood what a flowchart is.

Before writing the flowchart, you have to write Algorithm and I am also of the opinion that once the flowchart is drawn in the Rough, otherwise there are many possible mistakes in the original flowchart. The more you practice flowchart, the more you will become skilled.

Hope you have liked this article, how did you feel? Please comment below. If you want to ask any question now, then please write in the comment box below. If you want to give any other suggestion, then please give it.

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